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About Our Juices

What does Organic mean?

Are all Lakewood Juices non-GMO?

Are Lakewood juices tested for toxic heavy metals?

Are all Lakewood Juices pasteurized?

Once I have opened a bottle, how long will the juice last in the refrigerator?

Do any of your Lakewood Juices contain preservatives?

What is Biodynamic?

Why are there no calories or carbohydrates listed in your Pure Lemon and Pure Lime Nutrition Facts label?

Where are the fruits and vegetables used in the juices grown?

Is my juice safe to drink after the Best Buy date stated on the cap?

How do I know if my cap is damaged?

My lemon/lime juice is browning, is it still safe to consume?

What is concentrate?

Is your facility allergen free?

What is the difference between the Aloe products offered?

What is the difference between the Organic products and the Premium products?

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Subscribe & Save

How do I sign up for subscribe and save?

Can I edit the frequency of my orders?

What happens if the product I subscribed for is out of stock?

Can I use a discount code on my subscription orders?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

Damaged Packages

Need to cancel an order?

Incorrect Shipping Information


How soon will my order ship once the order is placed?

Are there any U.S. states you cannot ship to?

Are there any additional fees to ship to specific states?

How much does shipping cost?


Do you offer special pricing for bulk orders?

Are your juices shipped in glass bottles?

Are your juices shipped refrigerated?

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