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When you subscribe to a product, you receive 10% off plus free shipping on every order. You also have the flexibility to change delivery dates, delay upcoming shipments and adjust your delivery frequency.* It's the perfect way to make sure you never run out of Lakewood!

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Sign up is easy – simply select "Subscribe & Save" on the product page, select your desired frequency, add to your cart and then complete your subscription order online. You will be billed for and will receive your first shipment promptly and will continue to be billed based on the frequency you selected. 

You can change your shipment frequency, next order date, payment method, shipping method, shipping address, billing address, and order quantity. You can also delay or your next shipment at any time up to 2 days before your next ship date, as well as cancel your Subscribe & Save program after two shipments.*

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Note: If we are out of stock, your subscription order will ship when your juice is back in stock.

*Note: No changes can be made to your Subscribe & Save order until after the 2nd order has shipped. No additional discounts are valid on subscription orders.