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Lakewood Organic Black Cherry Juice Concentrate | 12.5oz | 6-Pack

Lakewood Organic Black Cherry Juice Concentrate | 12.5oz | 6-Pack

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Unleash the Rich Taste of Organic Black Cherry with Lakewood 

Indulge in the luxurious and robust flavor of Lakewood Organic Pure Black Cherry Concentrate. Crafted from the finest organic black cherries, this concentrate offers a perfect blend of deep, sweet, and tart notes, making it a versatile addition to both your pantry and your plate. Whether you’re crafting drinks or enhancing your culinary creations, our black cherry concentrate brings a touch of sophistication and plenty of flavors. 

Why Lakewood Organic Black Cherry Concentrate? 

Pure and Natural: 

At Lakewood Organic, purity is our priority. Our Black Cherry Concentrate is made from 100% pure organic black cherries, with no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. This process ensures you get the full, unadulterated flavor of black cherries in every drop. 

Sustainably Harvested: 

We are dedicated to sustainable farming practices. Our black cherries are harvested from organic fields that are maintained without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring that our impact on the environment is minimized and the natural ecosystem is supported. 

Versatility in Use: 

Lakewood Organic Black Cherry Concentrate is not just for making refreshing drinks; it’s also an excellent addition to any chef’s repertoire. Use it to create mouthwatering sauces, marinades, or desserts that are sure to impress. 

Creative Ways to Enjoy Lakewood Organic Black Cherry Concentrate  

Beverage Enhancement: 

Elevate your cocktails, smoothies, and sodas with the rich flavor of black cherry. Our concentrate mixes beautifully and adds a splash of color and taste that can transform any ordinary beverage into something extraordinary. 

Culinary Creations: 

Bring a new dimension of flavor to your dishes with our black cherry concentrate. Its unique taste works wonderfully in glazes for meats, reductions for desserts, and even as a stir-in for oatmeal or yogurt. 

Decadent Desserts: 

Experiment with our black cherry concentrate in your baking and dessert-making. Its rich flavor enhances pies, tarts, and cheesecakes, providing a deliciously fruity counterpoint to sweet and creamy textures. 

Shop Your Lakewood Organic Favorites Today 

Easy Online Ordering: 

Ready to experience the bold taste of organic black cherries? Visit our website for an easy, seamless shopping experience. Add our Black Cherry Concentrate to your cart with just a click! 

Our Commitment to Quality: 

At Lakewood Organic, your satisfaction is paramount. We commit to delivering high-quality, responsibly produced products that meet the highest standards of taste and purity. 

Delve into the exquisite flavor of Lakewood Organic Pure Black Cherry Concentrate and discover a new staple for your kitchen. Whether mixing, cooking, or baking, this concentrate will elevate your creations and satisfy your taste buds. Shop now to start your culinary adventure!


Organic Black (Dark Sweet) Cherry Juice Concentrate


Refrigerate after opening. For best quality and freshness, use within 6-8 weeks of opening. Natural juices products will settle, shake before serving.

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Customer Reviews

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Jerri Mills
Great tasting

I recently bought a bottle from our local health/nutrition store. I started using black cherry juice to help with the pain in my hands. This brand was a whole lot more tasteful than any other brand that I have used in the past. I will definitely be buying this product from now on.

We are so happy to hear that it's helping you Jerri, thanks for the great review!