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Lakewood Organic Premium Pure Prune Juice | 32oz | 2-Pack or 6-Pack

Lakewood Organic Premium Pure Prune Juice | 32oz | 2-Pack or 6-Pack

$ 31.99


Enhance Your Daily Routine with Lakewood Premium Pure Prune Juice

Lakewood Premium Pure Prune Juice offers a natural way to complement your daily nutrition. Extracted from high-quality prunes, this juice is prepared to retain the essence and flavor of the fruit, making it a reliable choice for your wellness regimen. 

Why Choose Lakewood Premium Pure Prune Juice? 

Pure and Simple: 

Our prune juice is made from 100% pure prunes, without any added sugars, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. This ensures you receive a product that is as close to nature as possible, ideal for those who are mindful about what goes into their bodies. 

A Commitment to Quality: 

At Lakewood, we’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality. Each batch of our prune juice is carefully monitored to ensure it meets our strict quality control measures, providing you with a consistent, reliable product every time. 

Versatile Daily Supplement: 

While Lakewood Premium Pure Prune Juice is not typically enjoyed for its taste alone, it serves as an excellent addition to various beverage blends. Mix it into smoothies or pair it with other juices to create a drink that fits your taste preferences and supports your nutrition goals. 

Practical Uses of Lakewood Premium Pure Prune Juice 

Personalized Beverage Mixes: 

Incorporate prune juice into your smoothies or blend it with other juices for an enhanced drink as part of your wellness routine. Its rich flavor complements many ingredients, allowing you to customize your beverages according to your dietary needs. 

Shop Lakewood Premium Pure Prune Juice Today 

Streamlined Shopping Experience: 

Ordering your supply of Lakewood Premium Pure Prune Juice is easy and convenient with our online store. Navigate our website for a hassle-free purchase process and get this essential part of your daily regimen delivered directly to your doorstep. 

Our Assurance: 

We at Lakewood pride ourselves on the purity and quality of our products. We ensure that every bottle of prune juice you purchase from us supports your commitment to maintaining a natural and mindful diet. 

Lakewood Premium Pure Prune Juice is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their daily nutrition with a natural, simple product. Whether used as part of a beverage blend or included in your culinary practices, it is designed to support your lifestyle choices. Order now and make Lakewood Prune Juice a staple in your wellness regimen.


Prune Juice (Filtered Water, Prune Juice concentrate).


Refrigerate after opening. For best quality and freshness, use within 2 weeks of opening. Natural juices products will settle, shake before serving. 

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Ernest Korchak

loved it

Prune juice

I like it and have been buying it for years.